On Winning Some …

Acceptance speeches/notes are tricky, I’m coming to realize. So I’ll let the KISS principle rescue me. Well if you recall, I’d posted sometime back about a 55 Fiction Contest. News, rather good news, is that I’ve won it. Yes, it feels great! And I owe it to you for coming back to my mumbo jumboContinue reading “On Winning Some …”

Nominated for Indiblogger of the Month

Let me preclude any Wows or kudos because it is a self nomination. Last week I nominated my blog for the IndiBlogger of the Month under the Original Literature – Short Stories category. You see I think too high of myself. And in a democratic nation like ours, who decides the winner ? Of courseContinue reading “Nominated for Indiblogger of the Month”

IndiBlogger Meet at Bangalore

A fine Saturday evening sometime back found me at the Indiblogger Bangalore Meet at the Microsoft office at Golf Link Embassy. Two quick conclusions – #1 The meet turned out to be multitudes better than I had expected #2 Embassy Golf Link is bigger than I had first thought 😛 Sandy and Mrinal have alreadyContinue reading “IndiBlogger Meet at Bangalore”