Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 comes to India

Although my subconscious mind had registered some buzz around the Samsung Galaxy Tab earlier this year, it came to the forefront only when Indiblogger tweeted this. And, my interest was piqued! Frankly speaking, although I love my gizmos – the MacBook, the iPod, the no-longer-not-so Smart Phone, the iPad and a few more, I’m noContinue reading “Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 comes to India”

Barcamp 5 Bangalore and the controversies

This weekend(Read today and tomorrow) will see another edition of BarCamp being organized at IIM, Bangalore. This is the 5th in Bangalore and if I am not mistaken the 3rd this year in the city. As mentioned here, I attended the last one but was not particularly thrilled with the experience. The collectives format seemedContinue reading “Barcamp 5 Bangalore and the controversies”

UX while booking online tickets at

The end user experience, according to me is tantamount to any other effort that goes into shipping a product – Software or otherwise. It is interesting to note how businesses/products across the world alleviate some pain point in the customers life. But, what good is a product that in spite of being feature rich, isContinue reading “UX while booking online tickets at”

The HIGH Performance Entrepreneur

The evenings at TiE seem to get better with each event. This was yet another occasion when the GardenSide Hall at Taj Gateway was brimming with people but luckily I was at the venue in time and comfortably positioned myself in one of the front rows waiting for the event to start. The guy inContinue reading “The HIGH Performance Entrepreneur”

2 ‘B’uild or not 2 ‘B’uild

Time stamp: 21st June 2007, 7:30pm ‘Actual’ Venue: The Chancery Pavilion (Opposite Bangalore Club) Event: Panel discussion on “Building Scale in an enterprise” In my mind, the venue was ‘Bangalore Club (Opposite Chancery Pavilion)’ 🙂 I was looking forward to this event considering the luminaries which formed the panel:- Rajiv Modi / K. Ganesh /Prof.Continue reading “2 ‘B’uild or not 2 ‘B’uild”