Soch Lo! Do all relationships come with a past?

You don’t have to agree to what follows. Frankly speaking, I’m no relationship guru and you are of course better placed to take a call on your relationships. The write-up below is my entry to the Indiblogger Soch Lo! contest. If you like it, click here and vote for me. Ismein Sochna Kya Hai? TheContinue reading “Soch Lo! Do all relationships come with a past?”

The Tour Of Nilgiris Coffee Table Book & more …

I’ve been out of the mumbo jumbo mode for a while now, at least on the blog. This post is, therefore, an exception and is not limited to 55 words. It would be purely coincidental and totally unintentional if this post happens to respect the 55 Fiction diktat. As you know I moved to MumbaiContinue reading “The Tour Of Nilgiris Coffee Table Book & more …”

GiveIndia – The Power To Change Lives

Are you the one who goes gaga over the so-called wonders of the so-called Social Media? Is media by definition not social, per se? I believe what the SME’s(Nope! Not Small and Medium Enterprises), the Social Media Experts mean by social is the interactiveness that has been brought in by numerous web 2.0 technologies. ButContinue reading “GiveIndia – The Power To Change Lives”

On Winning Some …

Acceptance speeches/notes are tricky, I’m coming to realize. So I’ll let the KISS principle rescue me. Well if you recall, I’d posted sometime back about a 55 Fiction Contest. News, rather good news, is that I’ve won it. Yes, it feels great! And I owe it to you for coming back to my mumbo jumboContinue reading “On Winning Some …”