When Nawabs Met – The First Lucknow Tweetup

When @LucknowKnight remarked that Journalism is literature in a hurry, I thought it made sense and, also I got an inkling as to why I’d never make a good journalist. Being a Lucknowite, I can’t let go off my laid-back attitude and thus blogging suits me best. I have the liberty to update as andContinue reading “When Nawabs Met – The First Lucknow Tweetup”

An Encounter with @ShashiTharoor

Circa 1564, if twitter was around and if folks at Stratford-On-Avon were tech-twavvy, their local bard would have tweeted – “A jest’s prosperity lies in the ear of him that hears it, never in the tongue of him who makes it”. Mind you, it is much less than 140 characters(the twitter limit) yet conveys soContinue reading “An Encounter with @ShashiTharoor”

The Tour Of Nilgiris – 2nd Edition

Everything hurts. Your back hurts, your feet hurt, your hands hurt, your neck hurts, your legs hurt, and of course, your butt hurts – says the legendary Lance Armstrong in It’s Not About the Bike. My personal experiences as a motor-biker are in consonance with his views on at least two counts – a) theContinue reading “The Tour Of Nilgiris – 2nd Edition”

Play Review : Wuthering Heights

Where : Alliance Francaise, Bangalore When : Friday, 27th Mar 2009 starting 1930hrs What : Wuthering Heights Who : Playwright -> Charles Vance, Author -> Emily Bronte Why : I read Wuthering Heights in school and was kicked to know about the play. Besides, it had been long since I enjoyed theater. Wuthering Heights isContinue reading “Play Review : Wuthering Heights”

Proto.in 2009 – January Edition

In its 3rd year and 5th avatar of existence, Proto.in promises to be a smash-hit in the startup community. Keenly watched and talked about by the media, it is a much awaited event for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and I guess even large corporates which are keen on keeping tabs on upcoming competitors in their areaContinue reading “Proto.in 2009 – January Edition”

Summer Funk 2008

For the uninitiated, this post is about Shiamak Davar’s Institute Of Performing Arts (SDIPA) and in particular the Summer Funk which concluded last Saturday. Although I’m no rock star but Dance and Music have been a stimulant since childhood. I can recall more than one occasion during school when I was a member of theContinue reading “Summer Funk 2008”

‘Tulleeho’ – Indian for Cheers

Did you know that every 6 seconds, a bottle of Smirnoff is opened somewhere in the world? I was oblivious to this life-saving fact till yesterday evening 😛 Also, that two decades ago Tom Cruise in Cocktail inspired a whole generation to look up to bar-tending as a serious and of course fun profession. ItContinue reading “‘Tulleeho’ – Indian for Cheers”

IndiBlogger Meet at Bangalore

A fine Saturday evening sometime back found me at the Indiblogger Bangalore Meet at the Microsoft office at Golf Link Embassy. Two quick conclusions – #1 The meet turned out to be multitudes better than I had expected #2 Embassy Golf Link is bigger than I had first thought 😛 Sandy and Mrinal have alreadyContinue reading “IndiBlogger Meet at Bangalore”