An Encounter with @ShashiTharoor

Circa 1564, if twitter was around and if folks at Stratford-On-Avon were tech-twavvy, their local bard would have tweeted – “A jest’s prosperity lies in the ear of him that hears it, never in the tongue of him who makes it”. Mind you, it is much less than 140 characters(the twitter limit) yet conveys soContinue reading “An Encounter with @ShashiTharoor”

Weekend Getaway :: Pondicherry

This trip was undertaken between 21st – 23rd February 2009. The write-up states that we came back to Bangalore from Pondicherry. That is only partially true. Some did return but others, including me, took the ECR to Mamallapuram for another day of merry making. The pleasure of riding in the fading winters of February andContinue reading “Weekend Getaway :: Pondicherry”


Being agnostic to religion, places of worship or religious towns do not appeal much to me. I have been appreciated for my aesthetic sense, all right, but that does not make me an architect or a designer. Considering the above, what was I doing at the 14th century temple town called Lepakshi on my country’sContinue reading “Lepakshi”

From ‘My Friend Sancho’ to ‘Paths of Glory’

I got the privilege of attending two book launches in a span of three days. No I wasn’t invited to these nor did I pay for it. You see, it was open for all. So if you happen to be from Bangalore and could not make it in spite of being desirous to attend, youContinue reading “From ‘My Friend Sancho’ to ‘Paths of Glory’”

Divine Intervention

There are occasions when the occurrence of a particular event leaves one baffled and no reasoning seems to justify what ensues. Where logic fails, divinity enters! Even when in hindsight I fail to assign a reason, I term it as Divine Intervention. In other words Destiny, although I hate to admit this. Ten minutes lastContinue reading “Divine Intervention” 2009 – January Edition

In its 3rd year and 5th avatar of existence, promises to be a smash-hit in the startup community. Keenly watched and talked about by the media, it is a much awaited event for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and I guess even large corporates which are keen on keeping tabs on upcoming competitors in their areaContinue reading “ 2009 – January Edition”

Sunrise at Nandi Hill

History repeats itself … well at least to some extent! Dec ’07 was when the roadies from ‘Big O’ hit the road together for the first time. It took nearly a year for them to get their act together for the second group ride 😛 Although ‘Nandi Hills’ is like a stones throw away fromContinue reading “Sunrise at Nandi Hill”

Move (not Rock) On … ?

Disclaimer : This post has nothing to do with the recent blockbuster (so I have heard) ‘Rock On’. The similarity in the title with the same is purely coincidental and unintentional. To say that it seems like it was only yesterday would be an exaggeration. The other extreme, that the last two years dragged alongContinue reading “Move (not Rock) On … ?”