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Riding (is) in our ‘Jeans’

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In their Genes (Jas, Manish, Sameer, Sudhir)

On Day 8, the last day, of the BSA Tour Of Nilgiris, the distance to ride wasn’t much. A late start to the day was on the cards owing to the morning mist and fog at Ooty. And everyone was looking forward to make it to Bandipur pronto. At the pre-ride briefing, while most riders were in their proper riding gear, I spotted an uncanny bunch in their denims. I assumed that they’d change just in time for the ride.

However, when I spotted the group again somewhere in Bandipur National Park, I asked Sameer ShisodiaWhy the denim?
He elucidated it quite well –
a. shorter ride
b. colder day
c. needed to change later anyhow
d. wtf, some change

But I’m sure they must have worn the padded shorts. I mean, they should have … right? Well, no more assumptions from my side. Let us hear it from them.
I’ve understood that if riding is in one’s genes, what is least bothersome, is the jeans. What say?

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December 27, 2009 at 7:13 am

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