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Quick Byte #7, The Support Stations

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In popular parlance, these are called pit-stops but they are no less than life-lines when riders are toiling it hard on the road. The BSA Tour Of Nilgiris ensures that riders are well taken care off while pedaling for hundreds of kilometers during a day. Support Stations are located throughout the route, mostly 30kms apart. These stations are stacked with essentials like Electral, water, juices and with packed lunch (post afternoon). Mats where riders can relax and stretch their strained muscles, are also available.

Riders at a Support Station enroute Madikeri

More than that these stations are a great place for riders to bond, discuss how the last leg was and plan strategies till the next support station, so on and so forth. I’ve been told that having such breaks motivates the riders with the short term goal of making it to the next support station. The bigger goal, of course, is to complete the ride for the day.

Overheard at Support Stations

Shreyas Chowhan, after a tough ascent, remarked – My legs are like a photo-copier, warming up again and again

Muthu Kumar, getting ready for the bad roads ahead – If you see a thumbs down, pick me up (He, by the way, rode the complete Madikeri Irrupu stretch, despite having a fall on the way)

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December 20, 2009 at 10:27 am

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