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Digest #2, The Rest Day

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Rejuvenation Injections for the BSA TFN riders

I’m wondering if it was a rest day or the most action packed day of the tour so far. Agreed that cycling today was zilch but action on the BSA Tour Of Nilgiris is not limited to just pedaling away to glory. Day 5 on the tour could not have been any better. Riders woke up on a pleasant morning looking forward to giving their bikes and themselves, the much needed rejuvenation injection. A hike of just under a kilometer, took them to the lakeside where massage was organized in bamboo shacks. The sun-bath, post massage added to the healing. While coracle rides were part of the agenda, a swim in the lake wasn’t. Frankly speaking, the water in the lake was far from inviting but the Who Cares? riders took a dip, swam, frolicked and had a merry time.

Bike Clinic at the Coorg Guest House

While activities by the lakeside continued, some riders were already back from a 12 km walk to Irupu Falls. Others were tending to their bikes, getting it in mint condition, for the remaining tour. Talk of rest!

Post lunch, transport was arranged for the riders to visit the Nagarhole National Park, where a special safari was organized for the BSA TFN riders. Families, including kids of some some riders accompanied them for the safari. In the end, it wasn’t so special as to have the elusive beast show up but still it made the riders and more particularly, Peter happy.

He said – It was magnificent!

Shay Mandel - The Most Sporting BSA TFN rider

It was dark by the time the gang was back from the National park. But the fun did not end here. The riders enjoyed playing dumb charades, indulging in mad laughter. Dr. Harsh conducted a brilliant cycling quiz(More on that later) As the evening progressed, it was time to unveil the BSA TFN Most Sporting Rider.

Shay Mandel, on popular vote won the contest which entitles him to a limited edition eco-friendly bamboo bike handcrafted by Vijay Sharma. While Manjula Sridhar (who coordinated the contest) handed over the certificate to Shay, riders cheered him on, nudging him to sing an Israeli song. Shay smiled and politely declined but the audience wouldn’t let him go without an acceptance speech.

It(the BSA TFN experience) was good. It is good and it will be good. Thanks! – is what he had to say, amidst the applause.

Dinner followed and riders retired to their rooms. I had a fleeting sinking feeling that the tour was in its last leg and sooner that I would realize, I wouldn’t be in the company of such inspiring folks. Fleeting because I resolved, then, to know the riders better in the remaining days.

Written by Sangfroid

December 20, 2009 at 11:45 pm

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