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Fiction. Travel. Tech. 2009 – January Edition

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In its 3rd year and 5th avatar of existence, promises to be a smash-hit in the startup community.

Keenly watched and talked about by the media, it is a much awaited event for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and I guess even large corporates which are keen on keeping tabs on upcoming competitors in their area of expertise.

While 2007 saw the 2 editions held in Chennai, it was the national capital that played host last year. The need for an event of such importance and magnitude to be held in Bangalore, which provides one of the best startup-friendly eco systems in the country, cannot be emphasized more. Hence, this year this mega event comes to the city of gardens.

Sitting comfortable at Audi 1 at Nimhans right now and listening to Atul Chitnis on ‘The World Is Changing’

Takeaways from his talk –

# In 1987(when he started out) – a year when people were not buying s/w, he sold 1000 licenses (Individuals/Banks/Schools)
A month later, 500 more orders were placed from Corporation Bank – Blore

Lesson :: If the product is good and the price is right, people will buy!

# In 1989 at the CSI Exhibition he (and his team) was approached by ABB
ABB being big, they decided to overprice the s/w and there were debates on the pricing. After a lot of brainstorming, a humongous price (INR 25000) at that time was quoted. They got the amount instantly. Atul says that even if they had priced it at thousands of dollars, they would have sold! Hard luck! So did they make a profit or suffered loss

Lesson :: A product is more than just code. A customer wants a solution and a long term relationship with the service provider

# In 1990 they were successfully running India’s largest online product called Cybernet

Lesson :: Markets can be created anytime

# In 1992, technology adoption decisions were been debated. C v/s Pascal
Pascal was voted as primitive and the majority was trying to get a buy-in for C.
They stuck to turbo Pascal, then.

Lesson :: Its not the tools you use. It’s how you use them

# The bubble has burst, welcome to the year 2000. Tighten your belts, and get real. Revenues are back in fashion.

2008 saw a similar downturn. The past was forgotten. No lesson was leart!

Lesson :: Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it

Keep watching this space for more! Time for some refreshments now 🙂

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January 23, 2009 at 10:22 am

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