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The Tour Of Nilgiris

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Ages ago, a certain General Knowledge lesson apprised me of the Nilgiris – ‘The Blue Mountains’. And till date I wonder why they are called so.

It was around four years back when I visited Ooty for the first time and that was my maiden encounter with the Nilgiris. The drive from the town of Ooty to Dodabetta, the highest point in the Nilgiris, was steep and exhilarating. The memories of that winter morning are faint but what I remember distinctly about the mountains is that

  1. Although, they weren’t blue
  2. They were spectacular

You see, I am not the one to discriminate on color so #1 was no concern but I am a sucker for anything that is spectacular and hence the love for Nilgiris has grown manifolds over the years!

My latest rendezvous with this beauty is as recent as the last weekend when I rode to Masinagudi, a cozy little town at the foothills of the Nilgiris. There was a chill in the air and the weather was simply awesome, as seen in the snap below.

Nilgiris in the backdrop with peaks covered in clouds

Nilgiris in the backdrop, with peaks covered in clouds

With a few exceptions of me being caged, most of these journeys have been on my dear Madonna.

During my Ladakh Ride earlier in June this year, I had spotted a few foreigners near Sarchu, Himachal Pradesh (at an approx. elevation of 13,500 feet) riding their bicycles and was amazed at their guts. It made me wonder if I would ever be able to achieve such a feat.

As fate would have have it, I met a few bicycle enthusiasts and came across ‘The Tour Of Nilgiris’ in the last couple of months. The benefits of cycling are more than one and I am not here to outline them. Having said that, my interest in this sport was piqued greatly and for a while, I even considered giving it a shot but refrained due to certain unavoidable circumstances. Sounds lame but it is true.

Nonetheless, I have been keenly following updates on TFN and in particular from one of the participant Sameer – a BN’er and a fellow biker buddy. Kudos and best of luck to all the participants!

As for me, I would have so loved to say that IamCycling

But, for now, will have to be content with ISupportCycling

A brief on the tour – The Tour of Nilgiris is a 7 day, 919 km bicycle ride across the famed Nilgiri mountain range in South India. The Tour of Nilgiris takes off from Bangalore on 25 December 2008 and ends on 1 January 2009. As the name suggests, it is a tour and not a race. On the tour you get to ride with 40 like-minded riders on what could be the journey of a lifetime. For more details, check out the website

Happy Bicycling! 🙂

Written by Sangfroid

November 28, 2008 at 2:20 am

9 Responses

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  1. yeah, this is something I also keep in mind – to start cycling…

    aNoop aka --xh--

    November 28, 2008 at 9:13 am

  2. hummnn…thought you were geeky dood 😉 a little googling would have helped here – NEELAKURINJI FLOWERS (that blooms only once in twelve years has bloomed last in 2006) causes the mountains to be blue. On the way to Munnar, I saw this signpost where it said – it blooms once in a blue moon…rightly so I guess!

    n what bout this cycling thing? Did “november” not like your shape n asked you to trim more????

    :X~ notmanish

    November 28, 2008 at 5:50 pm

  3. Anoop, I won’t say it is a resolution for 2009 but yes getting a high-end bicycle is on the cards 🙂

    Mani, Thanks for the info!
    The title of this blog is a disclaimer too – I’m actually not geeky enough 😛
    Cycling … well I have a thing for adventure. Besides it is Eco-friendly!


    November 29, 2008 at 5:09 pm

  4. ok.. so we shall buy a bicycle… (umm.. eventually!) but it’s a beautiful initiative!!!


    December 3, 2008 at 11:34 pm

  5. Ani, 🙂 Do that!
    For me, this initiative seems both beautiful and interesting.
    Beautiful obviously considering the environmental aspect and also because the route for this 919 kms is quite mesmerizing.
    Interesting due the varied mix of people participating.

    Kudos to the folks working on it.


    December 4, 2008 at 12:21 am

  6. hi sangfroid,

    this is hrish from TFN here. wanted to get in touch with you immediately. can u mail me at dhempe at gmail dot com? thanks!


    December 4, 2008 at 11:31 am

  7. Sounds fun!! 🙂 How’ve you been??


    December 10, 2008 at 11:43 pm

  8. Sam, welcome back. Doing fine … not great!


    December 11, 2008 at 6:29 pm

  9. […] I’d first heard about the Tour Of Nilgiris more than a year back, I was greatly excited. I had made a secret […]

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