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I have never been a theater fan (probably because I have not witnessed enough of it) but have always had great admiration for folks who perform live for the simple reason that one needs to make it in, just one cut.

Saw that above poster in the cafeteria sometime back and read reviews about the same. It seemed like a nice way to spend my Saturday evening and so I along with a bunch of friends blocked the seats and reached the venue just in time 🙂

How I wish I was carrying my lighter with me … A beautiful encounter got nipped in the bud … Sigh 😐

Anyways, the next 2 hours or so were full of fun and laughter. Everyone in the hall (200+) thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Looking forward to more such “When The Pythons Followed The Actor” 😀

Written by Sangfroid

May 6, 2007 at 5:49 pm

Posted in Bangalore, Theatre

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  1. […] My colleague and friend Mani had been raving about this group for quite sometime. And I have sort of been building up the enthusiasm for theater ever since this. […]

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