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Crazy Media Coverages And The Recent Kissing Rows

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Amusing and Non-Sensical !!

Okay so I dont own a TV and am actually thankful that I am not subjected to the total non-sense on offer from the numerous, so called, news channels.

A couple of news snippets that I saw/heard(mostly during Lunch/Tea-Time at the office cafetaria) in the last few days are as follows:-

  • Aishwarya Rai Mehendi (Henna) ceremony Sarees from Orissa
  • Shilpa Shetty n Richard Gere PDA
  • Software Firm Employee leaves bride for lack of dowry (Coupled with an elaborate interview of the Bride and her mother)
  • There were other sane headlines 🙂 as well but let me first put my point across.

    How in the world does it matter whether Aishwarya(or for that matter anyone) wears Orissa or Mysore Silk. Infact the whole media frenzy surrounding the wedding was uncalled for. In the end, the Bacchhans did very well to keep away the paparazzi.

    S/W Engnr episode: I did not see this personally but was told by a friend – How the broken marriage of a S/W Engineer (working for one of the biggies) and a BPO girl was covered in the media. There are so many marriages which are broken even before the vows are solemnized and so many after being (un)happily married for years.
    Dowry is evil but why dramatize it to such extent. There are bigger evils existing in our society and people who lead from the front should be nabbed first than a poor S/W engineer. (Please dont consider this to be a biased opinion just because i am YASE … ) Yes, I am referring to the recent human-trafficking incident involving Members of Parliament!

    Coming to the burning topic of the week. The Shetty-Gere PDA
    There have been arrest warrants issued against the two. OMG! All I can do is laugh.
    But wait a minute, if this was not enough … check this out and this too

    These developments must have had a disturbing effect on atleast one person – Emraan Hashmi. The guy might have already called up his lawyer and asked him to be ready to get him bailed out. 😀

    I mean, what the hell is wrong with this country. PDA is one thing but onscreen kissing too!!

    All that Gere did was in jest. His fault was that he thought Shetty babe to do a la J.Lo. which sadly did not happen and what ever the camera caught looked crass. He has issued a public apology which the media feel is a victory of sorts for them.

    Ours is a hypocritic society. There are no two ways about it but I feel this is a little more than one can take!!

    Written by Sangfroid

    April 29, 2007 at 12:30 pm

    Posted in India, Media

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    1. u r right


      April 29, 2007 at 3:07 pm

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