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Is it raining jobs?

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Jobs Jobs Jobs … is it raining? Let me do a quick analysis.

Day before yesterday, I got a mail from Naukri (or TimesJobs ?) asking me to update my profile. The 3 fields they had listed in the mail were utterly outdated. I dont remember when I had posted my resume on these job-sites … point here is that it had indeed been a long time. After 5 minutes of work my profile was … well … almost up-to-date (atleast the key fields like work ex./contact no./location)

And since then (2 days) there have been calls from consultants having clients as varied as Start-Ups to well known MNCs, and numerous e-mails citing test dates and venues or asking me to get back. I was actually amused and at the same time impressed to see this. I politely refused one of the consultants by saying that I was looking for a profile which involved travelling 😛 (Can it get more imaginitive?) and told another that I am not looking for a hop at this point.

Before ending the call I was asked the package I was looking for … It is not important what figure I quoted. Salaries have been on the rise in India over the last couple of years and there is no stopping this trend. The focus then must shift to the job content and growth over a period of time. These days, a hike of 30-40% in the IT industry is a given most of the times when one job hops. (This may not be true for executives/MBAs because it is different ball game all together)

Therefore running after moolah should not be top agenda. But I guess, most of the yuppies (young urban professionals) are doing that and I too have taken a cue from them 🙂 which means certainty (read current job) lasts till appraisals and bonuses are declared!!

Written by Sangfroid

April 27, 2007 at 9:03 pm

Posted in Bangalore, Humor, Tech

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