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America versus India

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Back to India … yea thats rite. More than a fortnight now … sigh!!

To be frank, it doesn’t feel great. This country has lots of ground to cover before it comes anyway close to the USofA.

Major eye-sores here are as follows:-

1) Power Failures – cmon this is one of the basic needs in life. How is one supposed to deal with this ? (There was nearly 4hrs of rostering yesterday in my locality … sux bigtime!)

2) Pollution – both Noise and Air. Any damn place you go, you’ll be greeted with dust. Ever heard of waking up at dogs bark instead of a rooster’s call (Quite a regular feature here) And not to forget the highly abused honking here. Vehicles seldom move without horns coming into action which is in stark contrast to the ways of the West.

3) Roads – yuck! The Silicon Valley of India sometimes also known as The Garden City (Wtf are the gardens) will rate highly in this regard. The infrastructure is crumbling. Forget the 101s where the avg. speed is 60mph 🙂 … give us something where 60kph will do!

4) Population – This I feel is the root cause of all other problems. (Actually, I remember doing an analysis of this problem at length in a course called “Systems Thinking” in my undergrad) I dont know what the Government is doing in this regard. Last I remember was the “Hum Dou – Hamara Ek” campaign. Idiots should come up with someting strict and implement it. An incentive of some kind would help.

Figure this out : India has > 3 times the people in ~1/3rd of the area as the USofA (Interesting!!)

5) Climate – (Comparing primarliy California and B’lore) You need to go there to feel the difference. B’lore’s consistently clocking an average temperatue of 35 (degrees centigrade) since the last week or so! Is this what is called nice weather – I beg to differ!

PS: All I have enumerated above is my personal view but I bet a lot of folks would agree. For the patroitic ones who choose to disagree, here are my 2 cents

Quoting from RDB – “Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota ….. koshish karni padti hai”. What kind of an effort would help better the situation, kindly enlighten!!

Written by Sangfroid

March 25, 2007 at 2:45 am

Posted in Mumbo Jumbo

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  1. oye yaar…
    its all relative yaar… u need to go to some under-developed nation …then India will be US of A in that case …
    ek koshish kar… plan for some tour to these black nation “jo bhi Raj Travels ke brochure pe hai”

    Anonymous Robot :)

    March 25, 2007 at 5:17 am

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