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‘Madiwala’ – is where i’ll be in a few hours to catch a Volvo which’ll fly (well … not literally but Volvos do move fast) me to Hyderabad. After catching up with pals there, I’ll be on way my to Rajdhani (capital city) Delhi. By midnite I’ll be sleeping in the cozy comfort of my home at Lucknow 🙂

Friday the 27th is when I’ll be back and will hopefully start working on Audit Vault.

Bought a Canon Power Shot A530 yesterday. Looking forward to try my hand at photography. It was surprising to see ‘Amateur’ written before the Customer column in the bill. Wonder if its a standard practice or its got something to do with the model. Anyways, it actually fits me perfectly.

That is it for now!! Going for a game of TT. Dont remember when I played it last.

PS: ‘IIMB Vista’ post is in the draft stage. Can be published only after I return.

Written by Sangfroid

October 17, 2006 at 10:34 am

Posted in Mumbo Jumbo

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