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Had a small (very small …) batch reunion yesterday. Bedi was in town to meet a client and so I got the privilege to meet Anu as well as Ranu after a really long time. Tiwary was there with his red Pizza-Hut kinda cap (which sadly he lost at the end of the day) and so was Arzunk for a brief while. We met at … any guesses … well Forum – the mandir (A place of worship) which people visit time n again without any rhyme or reason.

Took everyone to Poorna@Koramangala which I had visited a couple of days back. The food was tasty and hygienic albeit the Gobi paratha was a bit over-spicy for my taste-buds. Post lunch we were back at the mandir where we whiled away time indulging in some chinwagging. Bedi and Ranu left together. Anu went back to his campus.

And Tiwary and I set out for a journey which Tiwary later told me was an achievement (covering Forum(Koramangala),Central and Garuda(Residency Road)) on a single day in Bangalore much talked-about traffic is no mean feat.

On second thoughts, I personally believe that the traffic menace of this city has been blown out of proportion.

Anyways, the sad part is that I hardly did any shopping. Somehow nothing struck me worthwhile though I have some apparel/gadget items on my ‘To Buy’ list.

When I reached home, I remembered that I missed doing something – actually making a call. But … there is always another time, more precisely another weekend!!

Going to visit the IIMB campus in sometime to have a taste of Vista. and get some T-shirts 🙂

Written by Sangfroid

October 15, 2006 at 8:26 am

Posted in Bangalore, Mumbo Jumbo

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