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Reached office at around 10am and logged into wordpress the next moment. Was very keen on a post today 😀
It is 9:30pm now. Better late than never!!

Well … will keep it short … not because i am in a cafe but because this keyboard sucks.

#1 Got my first pay-check from Big-O. Made me happy but could not celebrate. Had to suffice with a Pizza (Still lookin for good company)

#2 Bangalore is (this doesn’t qualify as a reason though …) the IT capital of India. I have not seen FIREFOX installed at cyber-cafes anywhere else in India 🙂

#3 ‘Dor’ is another good attempt by Kukunoor. Bollywood is rockin these days. I have a lot of backlog to clear. (Munnabhai/Khosla/Woh Lamhe to name a few)

#4 ‘Anything for you Maam’ is good timepass. I mean it was verbose in the begining but had all the ingredients of a Bollywood masala flick. Lovers would identify with it (not sure …)

#5 Currently reading Seagals ‘Man, Woman and Child’. He is a master craftsman. I am relishing it. Have decided to devour all his novels (Only 5 in number :))

#6 Tommorrow is ‘Bangalore Bandh’. Will have to live on Noodles/Pasta. Got to hurry … will buy some bread as well 🙂

#7 Forum is over-crowded at any time. I somehow dont fancy it unlike the majority here.

That is it for now lest I’ll be stranded. UncleJi (read Landlord) locks the gate at 10pm. Gotta run ……

Written by Sangfroid

October 3, 2006 at 4:29 pm

Posted in Movies, Mumbo Jumbo

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