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Going through a plethora of emotions at the moment. I have been in Bangalore for over three weeks now but the pain is that I have not been able to make a lot of friends. Going out alone is not a taboo but somehow I’ve never done that before which is keepig me on the backfoot. Not that I am tied down with work or something. The office environment is not as warm as it was at ‘The Firm’. I mean people are more bothered about .so’s and .lib’s than anything else 😉

Having said that, I am somewhat cherishing this period of loneliness (But hoping that it does not last for long). I mean I get to do all stuff myself – from cleaning the bathroom to grocery shopping and what not … phew. Guess what … today afternoon I cooked my own meal with in-between directions from Mom over the phone. The rajma was tasty albeit being uncooked .. 🙂 The ‘Do It Yourself’ paradigm suits me because as far as I know, in the USofA that is how things work 😀

At the work front, things are pretty cool. Not yet into the day to day grind. A couple of more trainings to go before I get my hands on some serious stuff. Anyways, I am in no hurry!!

I am sure the readership of this blog is limited to … well … only me 😀 but still I would not pour in all my thoughts …
S1 messaged me sometime back asking me to call her up but I instead replied with a flirtatious sms. I dont know but ‘Gods more sober creations’ are really hard to understand. I have known her for nearly a year now but still fail to understand her 😮

Never mind … somethings are best left unresolved!!

Written by Sangfroid

September 24, 2006 at 3:22 pm

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