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Life’s good these days!!

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‘So far so gud’ is what I replied to a friend when he asked me ‘Howz life @ bangy?’

Yesterday evening I saw this brand new construction – not really a studio apartment because the area isn’t enough to hold a studio – but nonetheless, I liked the place at the first sight 🙂 A big plus is that it is at a walkable distance from Lexington. So, tomorrow morning, I am going to freeze it. Also, I am looking for a Guitar class in the vicinity. Hopefully, that’ll also be done by the EOD.

I had a long (1.5hrs) meeting with my Manager where he detailed me about the process followed at Big-O for development/testing. The guy is as cool as a cucumber and has a very pleasing attitude. Maybe, my intuition about him might just prove to be true. 😉

There is a conf. call scheduled at 10pm IST but the good thing is that I can dial in from the Hotel. 🙂
I am now waiting for the Cab which departs at 2000 hrs. Haven’t availed this facility so far. Overall, yes I am having a good time!! (Touch-Wood)

Written by Sangfroid

September 12, 2006 at 2:23 pm

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